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Premium Coffee
Roasted In
The Rockies

100% Colombian



Our Story

Hi, I'm Paola. Growing up in Colombia, I have been around coffee all my life, from the sweet taste of the freshly picked ripe beans to the the succulent aroma of afternoon "Siesta."


I am blessed to have been born and raised in a country where it has everything and many of the times we do not value it.


This I learned when I left it and came to a new world far from my roots and my family.


The search sometimes turned into frustration, nothing affected the flavour of my country, even though my husband tried to take me to places with coffee with somewhat sophisticated names and it did not work, perhaps it was the expectations that I had when ordering a cup of coffee, as good Colombian.


It took me some time to understand why I was so critical of the coffee I tried. Now it makes me very happy to talk about him, since without knowing it he has always been part of my life. 

Our Fundraising 

Create Your Own

80.6%Canadians admit to using this - every - single - day ..and.. How can this Cash Cow pour money into your team’s coffers?

Book the trip, enter that tournament, buy those uniforms, be ready for new equipment.

Let’s be brief and to the point - you’re here to find a new way to make money for your team/ group/organization.

Some of these old and true way to make a buck for your team are being tested..

Smelly, sticky bottle drives, firewood that stays outside for a year at a time, sell chocolate(s), Christmas trees only sell at Christmas, bedding plants in spring, raffles, yard sales, cookies.


Want something new?

How about your daily cup of Coffee?

If Stats Canada tells you 80%+ of our fellow citizens consume caffeine everyday..

How can your team syphon some money off one of Canada’s favourite daily holiday?

An addictive, legal ritual so normal.. people say they can’t function without it!

Again, you want to get to the point:

  • You’ll have select Colombian Coffee.. ‘Roasted in the Rockies’

  • Plug into a simple ‘turn key’ system to sell • Talk with others about your different blends/roasts • Sell it.. we’ll deliver it to you

  • You rake in up to 50% profit

You’re probably wanting more details as to how this system works and we’re happy to help. Please email us your contact info at and your next coffee is on us!!

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